Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is popular in developed countries and it is gaining popularity in developing countries. Even fast moving consumer goods like, soft drinks and beverages products are very aggressive in sports sponsorship and marketing globally, whereas, telecommunication companies are very aggressive at national level. Health related products like innovative technology equipments to loose weight and stay fit, and dairy products like goat milk and vitamins supplements are also very active in sports sponsorship and marketing.

The commercial success and acceptance of marketing through sports and sponsorship have made it popular in the Western countries and marketing can be in any form of media, like sponsorship in sports events, commercials on television, magazines, social media, placing advertisements in sports pages in newspapers and many more.

Marketers and advertisers see sports a trend and a vital tool to reach consumers these days. In America, there are academics that provide professional certification program in sports marketing and associations set up to support the agencies and promotion, like Sport Marketing Association, founded in Columbia.

For marketers in sports sponsorship and marketing, their first priority is to get the exposure as it can assist in promoting the brand. Companies can get an association with something that is good with the investment in marketing as sports are where miracle happens and are full of happiness. In addition, marketers will get positive brand experiences and this might assist them to increase their sales. Brand differentiation is another important factor that governs the effectiveness of the advertisement as marketers can open up a new avenue of advertising that will set them apart from their competitors. Of course, marketers can also invest in sports sponsorship and marketing by creating interesting game events.

However, being clear about the Company objective is essential when marketers are going for marketing through sports and sponsorship. Objectives can include targeting the mass market or raising the brand profile. Some people might have a misconception that the target market for branding through sports is mostly men. I wish to correct it by saying that it caters to women as well. An example is ESPN sports where around 45 per cent viewers are women. Overall the current global economic crisis impact on marketing through sports is still positive and also very much depends on the sport.