The Story of Social Media Marketing and Why You Should Be Doing It

Today, a new ‘parallel’ world has surfaced right in-front of us. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all are a part of it – the internet. The internet has provided the lonely with company, and the socialite with a new set of even more friends!

The result? A parallel society in which we all bask, share and enjoy!

What started out as a simple communication channel, fast transformed itself into a space that is now known as the internet. Interestingly, the internet was not the same as this when it was conceived; the basic idea of ‘sharing’ has been kept intact but the forms and the resources have morphed and outnumbered the number of users even!

Some analysts put the number of pages at more than the number of people in the world! Quite naturally when you have such a resource at hand, you need to think in terms of business and that is where the importance of social media marketing comes into play.

Plan your Business Growth

It was not very long ago when the internet was new to many, and people would use it to send mails. It was only the ‘soft’ power companies which would then advertise on sites and e-mail programs for upgrades and stuff – and that too in very small numbers. With the introduction of Google, the scenario completely changed and a similar model was adopted by many to cash-in on and from Google’s success story.

Soon after, launching a business meant market surveys, promotional activities and aggressive marketing. Companies were trying to rope in the number of internet users for their brand promotion; still there was not enough ‘aggression’ in aggressive promotion.

Then came the new kids on the block – Social Media.

It changed the whole concept of socializing and communicating. Chartbuster social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut amongst others created a rat race wherein every company, individual and person was trying to earn a few bucks off the internet.

That was the beginning of Social Media Marketing – it is in use since then. Though critics might prefer to call its growth stage to be in the ‘nascent’ zone, growth figures and turnovers suggest otherwise. True, newer technologies and better algorithms keep appearing every now and then, but it is the growth that is booming even more and shows no signs of stopping or even pausing for a moment.

Big corporate houses realized the potential of social media marketing, zeroed in and converged their efforts and brains to optimise this and make use of it. After all, internet is where the most activity is – today.

From news to socializing, social media has taken new proportions with this marketing model for it. Free advertising and brand exposure has lead individuals and organizations to tap into this in a better manner and exploit this fully.

If you want to run your business successfully, you need to realise that a simple ‘real-world’ marketing strategy won’t do.

An online presence on one or all of the social media networks today, is as important as proper infusion of finance into the business.